About Joshua Tree Offroad

There’s a reason why more than 3 million people visit Joshua Tree National Park each year. Renowned for its stunning desert landscapes, rugged rock formations, iconic Joshua trees, and vast expanses of arid terrain, visitors come to admire and photograph the park’s natural beauty.

On your Joshua Tree off-road adventure, you will see that and more!


Visit remote locations in the park with an expert

Nic Killian is an experienced guide who is a passionate off-roader and outdoor enthusiast. With over 10 years of local knowledge, knows the trails like the back of his hands and is dedicated to ensuring your safety while maximizing the fun. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our guide will provide expert off-roading tips while highlighting local attractions throughout the journey. 

Learn how to off-road in your own vehicle safely

Gain a better understanding of how to handle your vehicle on a wide variety of terrains from rocky beds to sandy washes, inclines, declines, where and when 4WD is necessary. (JTOR does not offer rental vehicles.)

Have fun and protect the environment

Every adventurer is unique, but they all share a common goal. Preserving Joshua Tree National Park while trail driving requires responsible behavior and adherence to park regulations to minimize your impact on the environment.