Adventure Days

We also offer group guides 1-2x a month.
Join us on our Adventure Days!

About our Adventure Days!

Once or twice a month, we will be scheduling what we like to call Adventure Days: a group adventure where you can get together with likeminded friends and meet new people as you traverse the scenic beauty of Joshua Tree. We will take groups of 3-5 vehicles on an all-day tour for a reduced price per vehicle.

Adventure Days Pricing:

Full Day $200-300 Per Vehicle (Depends on route)
3-5 Spots Available Per Trip
Limit of 2 adults Per Vehicle

Additional Passengers:

$100 per person (2 max)

CONTACT US TODAY to find out upcoming dates!


Prepare to be challenged! Our custom experience is designed to test your skills and provide an adrenaline-pumping experience. Navigate steep inclines, cross sandy riverbeds, and maneuver through rock pits. Conquer obstacles that will push your vehicle and your driving abilities to the limit. Each adventure is tailored to provide a perfect blend of excitement and expertise.

Get in touch with us to customize your guided tour today!